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Imported Marble in India – Supplier

Imported Marble in India – Supplier

Tripura Stones Pvt. Ltd. Company has been established in Marble Industry from many years. Imported Natural Marble includes Austrian White Marble to Italian Beige Marble. All have different nature, texture, quality and variety of colors. All the Marbles are converted as per the location weather and atmospheric changes in temperature.

Imported Marble in India – Supplier Marble Category is vast. All types of Imported Marble are available at Tripura Stones. Prior to the availability, advance requirement notification is required. Imported Marble have classy look and so they give home a very different look. Imported Marble includes Italian, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Iranian, and Egyptian Marble Categories. Imported Marble in India – Supplier
We have India’s largest Imported Marble Store and we also can supply Marble with Bulk requirement. Also Dimensions of Slabs an…